IHCC congregation, Easter Sunday 2014

Instruction from God’s Word is the heart of Indian Hills Community Church. The Scriptures are taught systematically, which means Pastor Gil Rugh teaches the Bible verse-by-verse each week. As the inspired and inerrant Word of God, the Bible is taught as the final authority in faith and practice. Every program, class and activity throughout the week is designed to reach the lost and encourage spiritual growth through the teaching of the Word.

Whether you are a guest, visitor or member of The Hills, our hope is that you will leave knowing more about who God is. Our worship services consist of a half hour of praise and worship music and an hour of teaching from the Scriptures. Anyone who has turned from their sin, placed their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and regularly attends services at Indian Hills Community Church is considered to be a part of the church family.

Indian Hills Community Church is a non-denominational, Bible-teaching church in Lincoln, Nebraska, which began as a Bible study in 1959. As an independent local church, Indian Hills is led by a Board of Elders.

As a family of believers committed to Christ, we recognize any power we have is not in the preacher, the size of the building, the volume of the music or the weight of the offering bags. The true power is the Spirit of God working in the lives of those who come to Christ as their only hope of forgiveness and salvation.