Music Ministry

Our Mission: To glorify our God through beautiful music coupled with rich truths from scripture.  With thankfulness in our hearts to God, we desire to sing and play with excellence so that we may worship Him.  We are commanded to sing His praise, and through the use of our orchestra, band, choir, and many other ensembles we seek to obey that command.

Woman playing piano

Music Ministry

Our music ministry at Indian Hills Community Church is dedicated to glorifying God through lifting up songs of praise to Him.  Although worship involves more than singing and music, we seek to worship our Lord with excellence through beautiful songs.  The Lord has equipped us with an orchestra, band, choir, and many more ensembles that we can use to praise and glorify Him.
Col 3:15 – Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. 
We are certainly grateful to God for the blessing of His Word.  We seek to have His Word dwell in our hearts through song. 

Children’s Music Ministry

Music is an effective tool that helps us memorize and contemplate Scripture. That’s why we use it so often in our Children’s Music Ministry. 

In each of our concerts, programs, and other yearly events, we seek to use music to help us unpack deep truths from God’s Word. 

In the Fall, we host Summer Music Camp where the kids get even more training on skills such as music theory, rhythm training, notation recognition, and learning how to play instruments!  Our Children’s Music Ministry has the same goal as our larger music ministry—to glorify our God through song. 

Song Selection

Carefully selecting songs is crucial for our ministry to build a catalog of excellent songs for our congregation.  Music and lyrics go hand in hand, but the truths from God’s word must be well represented in the songs that we sing.  Here is how we filter our songs to see if they’re fit for our congregation: 

To start, we read the lyrics. If the song goes against biblical truths, we cannot use it at church as it would blatantly lead our sheep astray.   We also strive to avoid bad wording or vague phrases that don’t actually say anything.  Once we have great lyrics, then we check the music.   We want our music to be excellent for the glory of God.  A song with amazing lyrics might be coupled with a less than singable tune, so sometimes great lyrics can be hindered by large note ranges or bad accompaniment.  The music is still very important as we carefully consider it and see if it’s a good fit!

This process has been helpful in making sure that we do not accept “okay” lyrics just because of a beautiful arrangement, or on the contrary, slump into thinking that music does not matter as long as the words are good.  Our songs should be the best of both rich biblical truths and wonderful music, which when paired together, can be used greatly to glorify our great and mighty Lord. 

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In each of our ministries, we seek to teach the Bible and equip followers of Jesus Christ with the knowledge and tools necessary for a meaningful life and impactful ministry—all for the glory of God.