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Investing in What Is Eternal

by Gil Rugh

Unbelievers live very short-sighted lives, focusing on physical things. Their lives are characterized only by emptiness and futility, because they have no relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ

I often wonder what drives unbelievers. How do they get up every morning and face the day? How futile it is to invest one’s life only in the physical, which is fleeting and inconsequential. The ultimate tragedy is that after this life, for unbelievers there is nothing but separation from God for all eternity.

Sadly, some people who know Jesus Christ as Savior are also very absorbed with worldly things. They lose sight of who they are and what their lives are to be about.

It is easy to be just as concerned about security in this life as the unbeliever, and to be just as worried about the course of events in this life as the one without Christ. We must stop and ask ourselves, “What is my life all about?”

Believers are privileged to invest in eternity. Keeping that perspective in mind will influence our faithful service to Jesus Christ.

Investing in eternity does not mean, however, that we disregard everything in the physical world. It does not mean we can neglect working to support our families. It also does not mean we cannot have nice houses or other nice things—but those things are not what life is about. We need to be like the Apostle Paul and say, “I have learned to live with much; I have learned to live with nothing. I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.”

Jesus said that even when a man is rich, his life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions. Every moment of every day, we should live in earnest anticipation of seeing Jesus Christ face to face.

We are now one week closer to seeing Him than we were last week at this time. Have we been faithfully investing our lives in that which counts for all eternity?